Peasant farmland

Dego's first dungeon, the Peasant Farmland.

Dungeons are places where players can go in order to defeat monsters and progress through the game. There are 14 different dungeons in total, and there is a Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

Normal ModeEdit

Normal Mode is already unlocked in the game, and is where you first start in the game.

Hard ModeEdit

Hard Mode is unlocked by defeating all 14 dungeons in Normal Mode. It is basically a harder, and different version of the dungeons.


Dungeons are usually set up with a beginning point, followed by numerous rooms which contain monsters that players must kill in order to gain access to other rooms. Most of the time, killing a set of monsters will spawn a new set of them. After killing the final set of monsters, treasure chests appear which several items and sometimes may have nothing inside. They are opened by hitting them with any attack. A quick way to open many of them at once is to use a special such as Triple Shot, Rain of Arrows, or Circle Spell. Treasure chests may contain a loaf of bread or some meat, which restores HP when walked over, equipment, gold in various amounts, or a 4-leaf clover that provides a buff when taken. The entire layout of the dungeon is always random, in order to encourage players to run these dungeons multiple times.

There is also a one-time use campfire in each dungeon that allows players to rest and access the main menu. In a camp, players cannot access the shop or Unlock Shop, but they can still trade items and gold to each other and do everything else in the main menu. Players can also opt to leave or join the party, but by doing so will empty their SP. Once out of a camp, all players are fully healed and revived.

To clear the dungeon, players must find a blue portal which will immediately end the dungeon session, or a red portal which will transfer players into the boss room, where they must kill it to gain access to numerous treasures and the blue portal.


Several objects in the game may hinder or help the player's progress. For example, in Sprite Forest, there are fires that damage and cause Burn when touched, or giant flowers which spray a gas that causes Confusion. In Frost Glade, there are fiery wisps that randomly move around and damage monster and players. In Goblin Mines, there are explosive barrels that, when attacked by a player, ignites the fuse and explodes to cause massive damage to monsters and players nearby. These damaging obstacles can be strategically used to kill monsters.

Other objects may simply include natural objects or structures that simply block movement in a certain area and also block incoming projectiles. Enemies that utilize close combat will be unable to get through when a player is behind one of these, and the player can even use a Spear or range or magic weapon to attack through the object when they are in the right position.

Another object of note is the barrel which, once interacted with using the A button, summons a random item similar to the Paladin's Level 2 skill.


There are several NPCs found through out the game. Some may give you a sidequest to complete for unique rewards. Others may simply give you information about the storyline. A few may even join you as an ally for a small price or sell you a random item.

Dungeon ListEdit

The following is a list of dungeons found in Dego.

Stage 1 - Peasant Farmland
Stage 2 - Sprite Forest
Stage 3 - Goblin Mines Upper Levels
Stage 4 - Goblin Mines Lower Levels
Stage 5 - Barren Wasteland
Stage 6 - Floating Oasis
Stage 7 - Heathcliff's Battle Arena
Stage 8 - Frost Glade
Stage 9 - Whimsical Village
Stage 10 - Burial Grounds
Stage 11 - Forgotten Depths
Stage 12 - The Courtyard
Stage 13 - The Keep
Stage 14 - The Throne Room

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