Dego main menu

Dego's main menu, with all 4 players in a party.

About the gameEdit

Dego is a multiplayer action RPG game made by a single developer who may be known as Mike at the game's blog, or Ramshackin at While this game may look like it was made in RPG Maker VX, it is actually coded in another language.



Players can create and name their own character and choose their class: Warrior, Archer, Paladin, Mage, Necromancer, Priest, and Thief. After the player creates their character, they can use their stat points to increase their character's stats.


This game also features the option for players to play with their friends. This can be done by having them use the same keyboard or connect multiple keyboards for more comfort. Some people can even manage to control multiple characters at once. This feature is not an online feature.


Dego's interface is very simplistic. The menu below the character at the main screen allows players to customize their characters by changing their appearance, equipment, or stats. In dungeons, there is an interface located at the top of the screen which shows the character's name, HP and SP.

Other featuresEdit

In Dego, characters can use any weapon no matter what class they are. However, some weapons may not be as effective as they may use a certain stat that the class was not primarily designed for.

Dego also features an achievement system called Unlock Shop. The player must meet certain achievements in order to buy items otherwise not found in the shop or anywhere else in the game.