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Welcome to the Dego RPG Wiki

This wiki is about the action RPG game called Dego. You can download this game at

About this wiki

This wiki contains information about the game itself such as items, dungeons, monsters, etc. Currently, there are 70 pages being maintained. This wiki contains spoilers. Use at your own risk.

How you can help

To contribute to this wiki, a Fandom account is required.

Below is a checklist which serves as a guideline on where you can potentially contribute to this wiki.

  • Add images where needed.
  • Add more details on the Loot section of the dungeon pages. For weapons, use this template: Name - Special - Stat Bonus - Passive Abilities (if there are no passive abilities, omit it). For Extras, use this one: Name - Stat Bonus - Other Abilities (ex: +5% more chance to find items in treasure chests; if there are none, omit it). For allies, list the item's name followed by what exactly they do (ex: Cat - Summons a Cat that fights for you for a certain period of time).
  • For a detailed list of what needs to be done, please refer to this blog post.
  • New to Fandom or just unsure how to contribute? These guidelines can help get you started.

Wiki Rules

  • When creating or editing a page, please utilize proper grammar and spelling at all times.
  • All pages on this wiki follow some kind of strict formatting. When creating a page, be sure to follow the formatting of a similar page.
  • Discussions, questions, and concerns should take place on a page's Comment section if it is regarding a specific page. If it's about something else, you may use my Message Wall or the Wiki's Discussions section instead.
  • Fandom's Terms of Use must be followed in addition to the above rules.

Wiki Blogs

Kiyoshiro Kiyoshiro 11 May

Contribution Guidelines

If you're interested in contributing to this wiki but are not quite sure how, these guidelines should help you understand how Fandom's editor works and help ensure less mistakes are made for a smoother workflow.

Fandom comes with a visual editor that…

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Kiyoshiro Kiyoshiro 30 September 2020

Dego RPG Wiki Checklist

This post will outline my plans for this wiki's completion. This is more just a list to help remind myself what needs to be done, since I'm still the sole editor for this wiki, but I'll post it here just in case that in some very miraculous chance s…

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