Dego's Title Screen


Gra rpg stworzona przez

-Created by- Mike Musson

-Tested by- Jeff Scarpelli Jamon Malan Jo Chong Patty Rosinke Ken Liu Harshal Shah

-Resources by- Title Screen: Ashingda


Music: RPGMaker Kevin MacLeod

Levels and Monsters: RPGMaker

Clothes: Famitsu Virtual Nomad

Weapons: RPGMaker Trueform Darkside byrdbrayn The Wayfarer Mage Warxe Nightbringer Shadowlord DragoonX RazerX Ashingda Araloth Rachigal Shadow Bahamut The Fierce Diety Erik Stevenson

About this wiki

This wiki will contain information about the game itself such as weapons, dungeons, monsters, etc. You are free to contribute whatever you want to add to this wiki, but please do it using proper grammar and spelling.

This wiki may contain unmarked spoilers. Use at your own risk.

How you can help

Below is a checklist which serves as a guideline on where you can potentially contribute to this wiki.

  • Add images where needed.
  • Add more details on the Loot section of the dungeon pages. For weapons, use this template: Name -> Special -> Stat Bonus -> Passive Abilities. For Extras, use this one: Name -> Stat Bonus -> Other Abilities (like +5% more chance to find items in treasure chests). For allies, just list the name followed by an indicator that it is an ally (example: Cat - Ally)
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