Floating Oasis

The sixth dungeon in the game, Floating Oasis.

Floating Oasis is the sixth dungeon in the game. This dungeon contains a boss.


The only NPC worth noting here is a white-haired boy that players can occasionally encounter to do a sidequest that involves getting a sword and killing 4 monsters


This dungeon also contains the statues that fire projectiles that look like lion heads, and cacti that hurts players when they get too close. There are also barrels that give random items.


Red Lizard - A lizard with blue stripes that shoots fireballs.
Blue Snake - A three-headed snake with fire elemental abilities. A red version of this monster exists.
Serpent Woman - A monster with the ability to fire homing projectiles.
Harpy - Shoots wind blades that go backwards.
Scorpion - Has an attack that causes Shock and Poison. Can dash.
(Boss) Storm Lord - A giant yellow reptile that shoots electric balls, wind blades and creates tornadoes.


Weapons that give +20-+30 to melee, range, and magic can be found here.