Heathcliff's Battle Arena

The seventh dungeon in the game, Heathcliff's Battle Arena.

Heathcliff's Battle Arena is the seventh dungeon in the game. It does not contain a boss.


This is the dungeon where Raymundo first appears. Another NPC also talks about the players' characters when they speak to him. Two NPCs will lead players into the arenas, one of them will complete the stage if players are victorious. The other arena features a special challenge where players are thrown into unique situations such as being surrounded by explosive barrels, being confused, or the monsters may one-hit K.O. the players.


In the first part of the main arena, there are four explosive barrels. Otherwise, no objects of note are present.


Monsters in this dungeon come from previous dungeons in different waves. The second part of the arena contains minibosses.


Weapons that give +10-+30 to stats can be found here.