The Malice King, also known as The King of Malice and Shade, is the main antagonist of the game.


The Malice King is a being that is wreaking havoc upon the entire world. His minions plague every place in every corner. He is even talked about in legends. The goal in Dego is to find him and defeat him once and for all so that the people may live in peace. He has an envoy that oversees everything for him.

Fighting StyleEdit

He fights similar to his envoy, but with some other unique attacks. Some attacks include firing 4 dark balls in four directions, teleporting to a random spot and firing 8 dark balls in eight directions that act like boomerangs, make fire erupt from the ground, fire ultrasound waves that confuses players, shoot snowflake-shaped ice stars that split into four icicles that can freeze, and even share half of the damage taken to a random player of his choice, which can result in a player killing himself or another player.


Having a lot of HP and Defense may not be enough, as his damage is very high and his attacks are hard to avoid. Being able to dodge his attacks helps to defeat him, or otherwise make use of holy shields created by the Paladin's Level 1 skill or the Blood Shield special.