Peasant Farmland is the first stage that all players start in. This dungeon contains no boss which therefore can be finished immediately through the blue portal.


Most NPCs here do not have any significance. The only NPCs worth noting are a man with a side quest that requires you to recapture his chickens and a fairy that can be reached through a rare setup of the dungeon.


Objects worth noting in this dungeon are scarecrows which trigger a hidden bomb when interacted with by pressing the A button and barrels that contain a random item.


Bee - A common monster that keeps its distance from the target player and shoots its stinger at them.
Slime - A monster that charges towards the player. It can fire huge balls of water and attack at close range with ice. A red version may exist in a hidden room.
Wolf - A monster with the ability to dash towards the player. Its only attack is a bite attack which causes moderate damage.
Mushroom - A walking mushroom that poisons players.
Cerberus - A three-headed canine that shoots stones at long-range and also has a bite attack. Can deal heavy damage.
Giant Bee - A larger version of the Bee that fires three stingers at once which can deal heavy damage.


Weapons are listed in this order: Name -> Special -> Stat Bonus -> Passive Abilities

Melee WeaponsEdit

Range WeaponsEdit

Magic WeaponsEdit


  • Stone of Strength - +5 Melee
  • Stone of Courage - +5 Range
  • Stone of Intelligence - +5 Magic