Envoy of malice

The second dungeon, Sprite Forest.

Sprite Forest is the second dungeon in the game. This is the first stage that contains a boss.


This is where players first see the Envoy of Malice who gives buffs at a small price. A girl in a burned down village has a sidequest that involves saving her hut.


There are giant flowers that spray a purple gas that causes Confusion.


Bee - A common monster that keeps its distance from the target player and shoots its stinger at them.
Slime - A monster that charges towards the player. It can fire huge balls of water and attack at close range with ice. A red version may exist in a hidden room.
Wolf - A monster with the ability to dash towards the player. Its only attack is a bite attack which causes moderate damage.
Mushroom - A walking mushroom that poisons players.
Cerberus - A three-headed canine that shoots stones at long-range and also has a bite attack. Can deal heavy damage.
Giant Bee - A larger version of the Bee that fires three stingers at once which can deal heavy damage.
Dragon - The boss of this stage. It shoots fireballs in various methods.


Weapons that give +5 to stats can be found here.